Welcome to The Debating Society, IIT Indore

The only place where diplomacy is the judge, yet not the winner.

Let not anchor restrict your sail. Let not prejudice restrict your thought. Let not fear restrict your speech.


The latest addition to the various cultural opportunities available at IIT Indore, the Debating Society seeks to promote the speaking arts. We believe soft skills are just as important as science and technology.

We at DebSoc want you to have confidence in your ability to use the power of the spoken word. Through workshops, voice coach sessions, and frequent events, we aim to enable you to work on what’s most important - yourself.

Classic events like the Asian Parliamentary and Chamber debates, to fun events like turncoats will keep you on your toes. Oh, and be sure to watch out for our prestigious IITI-MUN every year! It’s a hoot ! We even look forward to helping you prepare for interviews, which play a major role in every college senior’s life. 

Being a member gives you access to even more perks, invitations to our exclusive member-only debates and galas, and the opportunity to be a part of the Council.

Memberships available now at a low, low price.  

Upcoming Events