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Pre- requisites to be a member :

There's just one. Commitment.

         Most of the the Clubs and Societies at IIT Indore take members through interviews or tests, based on the applicant’s existing skills. Here at DebSoc, we don't want to do that. We believe that anyone with the determination to learn should get a chance to be a member, so we don’t recruit people like everyone else. All of you can join the DebSoc right now, irrespective of whether you are a master debater or someone who has never spoken in front of 10 people on a stage. All we ask from anyone who wants to join DebSoc is commitment. Commitment to participate, to practice and to be an active member.

      So to become a DebSoc member you will have to pay a fee to the society. This amount will be your commitment to participate in the society's activities throughout the year. With this small amount you get to be a Member of DebSoc IIT Indore and avail all the benefits of the same, few of which are listed below. 

Benefits provided by DebSoc to it’s Members

1. Heavy Discount on all the workshops organised.

2. Heavy Discount on Participation in MUN IIT Indore 2018

3. Access to Member Only Events and Training Sessions

4. Chance to be Recruited by any of the committees and also lead them in the future.

5. Receive the certificate of being a Member of DebSoc IIT Indore at the end of the academic year.

         Please Note: This amount is not used for the running of the society at all. It is to the benefit of the people who actually want to be a part of the society. It helps serve the purpose of building an environment for everyone to learn and improve and also participate in real events at the cheapest costs.

         But what if you are really determined to join but don’t have the funds or cannot afford to join right now? We are still here to help. First option will be to register right now with the promise to pay after one month. Second option would be to buckle up and participate in our Word Wars, do your best and win the damn thing and we will give you a free entry will the exact same benefits. And even if you don’t win, you still may get a free entry based on the decision taken by the Standing Committee.

Where to sign up?

Just follow these simple steps:

(Give the amount of the registration at the bottom along with the procedure)

Contact: in case of any queries. 

Thank you

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